9 Months After Surgery

It seems like a distant memory now. It’s hard to believe what all my little boy has undergone. His scar is fading away and we are happy to be moving onward. The most anxious and worry filled months are behind us now. Those moments were tough and it was like my body went into autopilot and somehow I was able to remain strong and calm. It was as if someone else was filling me with strength. The prayers from family and friends were surly the cause. It’s funny how you just manage. Watson is doing so great. I’m so proud of how his personality has remained unchanged. He’s developing into a confident little man and I could not be happier for him. We are all stronger now.

Here’s a video of Watson 3 days after surgery. His chest tube is still in place and you can see the collection tank we had to carry around with him for 4 days that measured his drainage. His arm was still wrapped up with IV’s in place. He even had one you can see in his neck. Despite all this he was able to enjoy being pushed around the hallways outside of his hospital room.