Home Sweet Home

It’s been 3 weeks now since Watson’s surgery. I honestly can’t believe how fast he’s recovered. The surgery went well and we even survived a blizzard. Perfect timing Blizzard Nemo. Looking back over things, the build up until the surgery may have been the hardest part. It’s like a huge stress ball cloud was weighing over my head for a year. In November we were notified that the surgery was scheduled for February. That lead to 3 months of shear terror in my head. My Christmas was blurry because so much was on my mind. The worry was consuming at times and I think I broke the world record for sweating non-stop for an entire month (January). Just getting up to Boston was a huge ordeal. We had to pack for 16 days away. I had never even been on a vacation for this long. Our gear included 2 carry on bags, 4 suitcases, a joggling stroller and a car seat. Luckily Greg sat down the night before our flight and came up with a way to attach our car seat to the front of our stroller. I was so nervous about traveling with a toddler, that I over packed thinking Watson would need tons of books and toys. It turns out all he really needed were a fews books, a ball and 2 matchbox cars. Oh well.


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