Phone Conversation

After a few rounds of phone tag, I was finally able to speak with Julie over the phone. She lives in Knoxville, TN and visits Charleston from time to time.
She insisted on telling me her son’s story and said she wanted to somehow pay it forward with the knowledge she gained from her experience. She went on to explain that she had watched a news bit on tv about young athletes collapsing due to undetected heart problems. After watching that she started thinking about her son Magnus, who always looked wiped out after sports practice. So she scheduled an appointment with his pediatrician who casually referred them to a cardiologist. The doctor explained that he thought her son was perfectly healthy but this referral was just to ease her pregnant at the time mind. They would eventually discover that her son did indeed have serious complications with his heart which would require complicated open heart surgery. She went to the best hospitals (in the Northeast and Midwest) to interview different doctors and their diagnosis and treatment plans were all similar. Her final stop was Boston Children’s Hospital. Dr. Pedro del Nido, chief of Pediatric Cardiology, looked at her sons records and saw a completely different scenario. With his experience he was able to see several congenital defects that were missed by all the other hospitals and explained that her son was lucky to be alive. After a few weeks the surgery was scheduled and a success. Dr. del Nido even had to make several quick decisions during the surgery as things were worse than he thought. Anyway Julie went on about how many opinions she got for her son and how she had been to so many different hospitals. She basically was saying how important second opinions are and that if my son needed heart surgery she knew the best surgeon and that the best hospital was Boston Children’s Hospital. She praised and praised them. So to make a long story short we have gathered up all of Watson’s records and sent them to Dr. del Nido. From what I’ve researched about this dr and hospital it seems more and more like the place to go. I cannot thank Julie enough for speaking with me. She was so pleasant and it really was nice to hear from someone who has been in similar shoes. I know Watson’s condition isn’t nearly as bad as her sons, but still if my son is going to have his chest cracked open and be put on a heart and lung bypass machine while they repair a 1.4cm hole in his heart, I want the best.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gary Dunagan
    Aug 22, 2012 @ 14:09:08

    8-22-12 Great job J Bird. You are asking questions – and getting answers. It reminds me when we went to my first High School Class re union – and they gave me an award – for Guess What? How about for “Asking the most Questions”? I know you want the best – and so do we. Glad you were able to speak with someone who had a similar experience with her son. How did she hear about Watts? Take care – Love – Dad


  2. Colleen Dunagan
    Aug 22, 2012 @ 18:09:54

    You are a good mom!


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