Healing through Inner Focus?

Throughout the past few months I’ve been focusing my free thoughts on my little Watson. I’ve be doing a lot of praying, visualizations, and positive affirmations. I’d like to think that through positive energy and prayer,  healing can occur. When I first learned about Watson’s ASD, I felt so helpless. Since I could not physically do anything to repair Watson’s heart I could at least send positive energy towards his growth and development. I’ve visualized his ASD closing. I’ve visualized him strengthening. Countless prayers have been aimed in his direction by myself and many family members. Today he seems so wonderful and happy. It’s hard to believe that anything is even wrong with him. He’s on the move now crawling everywhere and so curious about the things around him. He seems so smart to me too. He’s able to clap his hands, point his finger, and wave goodbye. He’s eating very well now and seems constantly hungry. He smiles all the time and his laugh just melts my heart. I see these things as good signs. I see these things as progress.